Monday, February 22, 2010

Our first post!

This is post #1 here at Candida Cooking! The candida diet is very limited on what can be eaten, and many recipes out there are just plain blah. We want to change that for recipes that taste great, despite the limitations. Even if you are not on the candida diet, you will enjoy the healthy alternatives posted on this blog.

We guarantee a photo with every recipe, so that you can actually see what you are eating. Some recipes will actually be "regular" recipes that we have modified to be candida-safe.

Check back soon for some yummy recipes! If you try one, please comment and let us know how you liked it!


The DeL Sisters said...

WOW! So neat. Now we have another cooking blog to keep up on!!!!

Hannah and Esther

Love the design!

Candida Cooking said...

Thanks! Come again!
Glad you like the design... you can get one of your own at! *wink*

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